Honoring the Ideal Employee for the first half of the year 1442 AH

According to the directives of His Excellency Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da'wah and Guidance Shaikh Dr. Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al Ashaikh, the Secretary General of King Fahd Glorious Qur'an Printing Complex, Mr. Talal bin Razen Al-Rehaili honored a number of KFGQPC employees who were nominated for the Best Employee Award, for the first half of 1442 AH, in the morning of Tuesday 20/6/1442 AH. They are:
Ali Abdullah Barnawi, Fahad Hamed Al-Qarafi, Hassan Wasl Al-Hilali, Ali Saleh Al-Qarafi, Basem Bahjat Khaja, Omar Abd- Al-Rahman Al-Matrfi.
The Secretary General of KFGQPC made clear that the main objective of the honor is to create a work environment that encourages employees to develop their performance and capabilities and motivates them to develop job skills, which will be positively reflected in the quality of performance and efficiency of production. He pointed out that the selection of candidates for this award is based on a set of carefully considered criteria and rules. In addition, this award will be organized twice a year.