Translations of the Meanings of the Qur'an

Translations of the Meanings of the Qur'an

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39 Asian Languages

22 Available Language

1- Azeri

Translated by: Shaikh Ali Khan Musaev

Regions where sopken: The Republic of Azerbaijan, northwest Iran, and it is also spoken by communities in Georgia, Armenia and Dagestan

Speakers: About 14 million

2. Urdu

Translated by: Shaikh Mohammad Al Junakari, and interpreted by: Shaikh Salah Al-Din Yusuf

Regions where sopken: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and neighboring countries. There are also communities who speak it in many countries

Speakers: 160 million

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3- Indonesian
(Bahasa Indonesia)

Translated by: Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs

Regions where spoken: Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and neighboring countries. It is called in Malaysia and Brunei "Malay language"

Speakers: 160 million

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4- Uzbek

Translated by: Shaikh Sherzad bin Twiji Bay

Regions where spoken: Uzbekistan, and neighboring countries.

Speakers: 30 million

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5- The Awariah
(Магlарул мацl)

Translated by: Shaikh Abd al-Rahim Sastli al-Daghestani

Regions where spoken: Dagestan in the Russian Federation, Zaqatala district in Azerbaijan. Small communities of people who speak it live in Chechnya, Kalmokia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Jordan and the Marmara region of Turkey.

Speakers: About one and a half million

The translation contains two volumes. The first volume starts with Surah al-Fatihah and ends with Surah Maryam. The second volume starts with Surah Ta-Ha and ends with Surah al-Nas

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6- Iranon

Translated by: Shaikh Abdulaziz Gro A’lem Sarumantang

Regions where spoken: Mindanao Island in the Philippines

Speakers: About one million

7- Uyghur

ترجمـة: الشيخ محمد يوسف آر

Regions where spoken: Xinjiang Province, China, and the neighboring countries of East Turkestan. Uyghur is written in Arabic letters

Speakers: About seven million

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8- Brahism

Translated by: Shaikh Abdul Karim Murad

Regions where spoken: Balochistan, Pakistan

Speakers: About two million

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10- Balochi

Translated by: Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Mohammad Al-Dhamrani

Regions where spoken: Balochistan Province in Pakistan and Iran, as well as in Afghanistan. Quite a number of speakers live in United Arab Emirates

Speakers: 6 million

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11- Bengali

Translated by: Dr. Abu Bakr Mohammad Zakaria

Regions where spoken: Bangladesh, Bengal, India

Speakers: About 200 million

The translation contains two volumes. The first volume starts with Surah al-Fatihah and ends with Surah al-Nahl. The second volume starts with Surah (The Children of Israel) al-Isra’ and ends with Surah al-Nas

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12- Burmese

Translated by: a team of scholars

Regions where spoken: Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Speakers: About 32 million

14- Thai (ไทย)

Translated by: Association of Arab Universities and Institutes Graduates in Thailand

Regions where spoken: Thailand, and neighboring regions of China, Laos, and Vietnam

Speakers: About 74 million

kfgqpc quran translate Turkish
15- Turkish

Translated by: Dr. Ali Ozk and others

Regions where spoken: Turkey, Western Thrace (in Greece), Northern Cyprus, neighboring regions of Bulgaria

Speakers: About 65 million

Quran Tagalog
16- Filipino

Translated by: Dr. Abi Al-Khair Trasun, Professor Badiuzzaman Salem Saliao, and Professor Al-Amin Rodriguez

Regions where spoken: Philippines, as it is their official language

Speakers: About 50 million

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18- Dari
(دری‎ )

Translated by: Shaikh Mohammad Anwar Badakhshani

Regions where spoken: Afghanistan

Speakers: 6.6 million

19- Russian

ترجمـة: الشيخ أبو عادل

Regions where spoken: Russia, former Soviet Union states

Speakers: About 455 million

20- Sindhis

Translated by: Shaikh Taj Mahmoud Al-Amroti

Regions where spoken: The province of Sindh in Pakistan, and in Indian there is a large Sindhi community

Speakers: About 14 million

21. Chinese

Translated by: Shaikh Mohammad Makin

Regions where spoken: China, Taiwan, and China's neighboring countries; There is a large Chinese community in the United States of America and Canada

Speakers: More than 1000 million

26- Kazakh
(Қазақ тілі)

ترجمـة: الشيخ سرجان أندربايف

Regions where spoken: Kazakhstan, and the neighboring regions of China and Mongolia

Speakers: Almost 8 million

28- Kurdish
[اللهجة السورانية – Sorani dialect]

Translated by: Shaikh Mohammad Salah Al-Bamoki

Regions where spoken: Iraq, Iran and Turkey; a large community in the diaspora

Speakers: About 12 million

29- Kurdish
(Kurdish - Kurmanji)

Translated by: Dr. Ismail Ali Taha

Regions where spoken: northern Iraq, eastern Turkey, Iran, and large communities in many countries of the world

Speakers: Almost 10 million

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30- Kashmiri
(कॉशुर, كٲشُر)

Translated by: Shaikh Mirwaiz Mohammad Yusuf Shah

Regions where spoken: Kashmir state in India and Pakistan

Speakers: Almost 5 million

٣١- الكورية

Translated by: Dr. Hamid Choi

Regions where spoken: The two Koreas, and their neighboring regions in China and Japan

Speakers: About 60 million

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٣٢- الليزكية
(лезги чӀал)

Translated by: Shaikh Yameen Mammadov

Regions where spoken: Dagestan in Russian Federation, northern Azerbaijan, Georgia, and a community in Turkey speak it.

Speakers: 2 million

33- Malay
(Bahasa Melayu)

Translated by: The Teaching Staff in the Department of the Language of Qur’an
at the Language Center of the International Islamic University in Malaysia

Regions where spoken: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and nearby areas

Speakers: 15 million

kfgqpc quran translate Mandariya
35- Mandar

Translated by: Shaikh Mohammad Adham Khaled Bodhi

Regions where spoken: Sulawesi Island in Indonesia

Speakers: About one million

38- Japanese

Translated by: Al-Tafsir Al-Muyassar by Shaikh Saeed Sato

Regions where spoken: Japan. Japanese-speaking communities live in many countries of the world

Speakers: 125 million

12 European Languages


1- Spanish

Translated by: Shaikh Abdul Ghani Melara Nabio

Regions where spoken: Spain, Latin American countries (Except for Brazil, Belize, British Guiana, French Guiana and Suriname), United States of America, Cuba and Canary Islands)

Speakers: Almost 380 million

2- Ukrainian
(українська мова)

Translated by: Dr. Mykhailo Yakubovich

Regions where spoken: Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic

Speakers: Almost 40 million

3- Albanian
(Gjuha shqipe)

Translated by: Shaikh Sharif Ahmadi

Regions where spoken: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro

Speakers: Almost 5 million

4- German

Translated by: Shaikh Abdullah al-Samit (Frank Poppenheim) and Dr. Nadim Elias

Regions where spoken: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Namibia

Speakers: More than 323 million

5- English

Translated by: Mohammad Taqi-Ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Mohammad Mohsin Khan

Regions where spoken: Britain, North America, Australia, New Zealand. It is the second language in many countries of the world

Speakers: More than 1200 million

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6- Italian

Translated by: Hamza Roberto Piccardo

Regions where spoken: Italy and Switzerland

Speakers: Almost 60 million

7- Portuguese

Translated by: Dr. Helmy Nasr

Regions where spoken: Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Saint Tom, Cape Verde (Africa), Goa (India), Macau (China), East Timor, Azores, Madeira (Atlantic Ocean)

Speakers: Almost 160 million

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8- Bosnian

Translated by: Shaikh Bassim Korkourt

Regions where spoken: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. This language is called "Serbian-Croatian" as well

Speakers: About 19 million

َQuran Swedish
9- Swedish

Translated by: Shaikh Abdul Halim Yusuf

Regions where spoken: Sweden and Finland. It is also spoken by communities in the United States of America

Speakers: Almost 10 million

Quran Gipsy
10- Gypsy

Translated by: Shaikh Muharram Sarbezovic

Regions where spoken: Eastern Europe

Speakers: Almost 3 million

quran french Français
11- French

Translated by: Dr. Mohammad Hameed Ullah

Regions where spoken: France, Quebec in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Principality of Monaco and Francophone countries in Africa

Speakers: About 359 million

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12- Hungarian
(magyar nyelv)

Dr. Ahmad Abdulrahman Okfat Chaba

Regions where spoken: Hungary, Romania and neighboring regions

Speakers: More than 15 million

18 African Languages

10- Available languages

kfgqpc quran Nko
٢- الأنكو

Translated by: Shaikh Fodi Suleiman Kanti

Regions where spoken: Primary language in Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast, and a secondary language in some West African countries

Speakers: Almost 3 million

quran translate basaa
٤- الباسا

Translated by: Shaikh Bill Mahmoud

Regions where spoken: Cameroon, and neighboring countries in northwestern Central Africa

Speakers: Almost one million

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٧- الجولا

Translated by: Ismail Jebi Sambo

Regions where spoken: Senegal and Guinea-Bissau

Speakers: Half a million

٨- الزولو

ترجمـــة: الشيخ عادل جعفر مولوتشوا

Regions where spoken: South Africa

Speakers: Almost 6 million

٩- السواحلية

Translated by: Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Abu Bakr and Shaikh Nasser Khamis Abdulrahman

Regions where spoken: Eastern and central regions of Ifriqiya, such as Kenya, Tanzania and Zaire

Speakers: About 50 million

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١٠- الشيشوا

Translated by: Shaikh Ibrahim Batala

Regions where spoken: Malawi, and neighboring countries, such as South Africa and Mozambique

Speakers: Almost 5 million

١١- الصومالية

Translated by: Shaikh Mahmoud Mohammad Abdo

Regions where spoken: Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia

Speakers: Almost 6 million

Quran Folani
١٣- الفولانية [بالحرف العربي]
[in Latin letters]

Translated by: Shaikh Abdul Quddus Gallo

Regions where spoken: West Africa between Senegal and Lake Chad

Speakers: Almost 8 million

Quran Malagasy
١٦- الملاغاشية

Translated by: Shaikh Absar Saeed Arsin and others

Regions where spoken: Madagascar and Comoros

Speakers: More than 5 million

١٧- الهـوسـا
(هَرْشَن هَوْسَ)

Translated by: Shaikh Abu Bakr Mahmoud Jumi

Regions where spoken: Nigeria, Niger and neighboring countries

Speakers: About 65 million

١٨- اليـوربـا
(Èdè Yorùbá)

Translated by: A committee of Scholars

Regions where spoken: Nigeria, Benin and Togo

Speakers: Almost 20 million