Inauguration the Cyber Security Department at King Fahd Glorious Qur'an Printing Complex

His Eminence the Secretary General of King Fahd Glorious Qur'an Printing Complex, Mr. Talal bin Razen Al-Rehaili, inaugurated a Cyber Security Department in KFGQPC, whose role is to protect the information and technology assets of KFGQPC, and raise the level of security.
The Secretary General indicated that KFGQPC is keen to keep up with all the present developments in all aspects, in accordance with the vision of the the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.
His Eminence added that Cyber Security has become an integral part of the technical system as it provides protection for data, networks and digital programs. This is due to KFGQPC keenness on the safety of its systems from electronic attacks or manipulation of its digital data.