King Fahd Glorious Qur'an Printing Complex holds a workshop

King Fahd Glorious Qur'an Printing Complex held a workshop at the Department of Scholarly Affairs
entitled: Proposing the Operational Plan for the Translations Center in KFGQPC, in the presence of the Secretary General of KFGQPC, Shaikh Talal bin Razen Al-Rehaili. The Deputy Secretary for Scholarly Affairs, Dr. Moaidh Musaed Al-Awfi, the Director of the Translation Center, Dr. V. Abdulrahim and the members of the Translations Council, have participated in the workshop on Wednesday, 15/5/1442 AH, at 9:30 AM. The next operational plan of the Center was discussed in the workshop, while developing the operational plans supported by the required empowerment and implementation tools. The duration of the workshop is two consecutive days, three hours per day.
Workshops are amongst the means through which experiences and opinions are exchanged, as experts and stakeholders meet and that out ideas on what they are about to develop.
Based on this workshop, implementation plans will be developed, supported by the necessary empowerment and implementation tools.