Reading according to Warsh


Narration of Warsh ʿan Nāfiʿal-Madanī

It is the Narration adopted by the people of Maghreb, Western and Central Africa and Western Europe (France and Spain).

Font Introduction

It is one of the computer fonts that is dedicated to displaying the Qur'anic text in conformity with the Uthmanic Script. It is a computer font that was built in accordance with the unified international coding Unicode, which is a global system that enables data to move across different systems and devices, without displaying it in a distorted form, no matter how many companies manufacture systems and languages, and the countries that this data passes through. With the grace of Allah, this computer font was built and developed fully by the Research and Development Unit work team in the Information Technology Department at King Fahd Glorious Qur’an Printing Complex.

These fonts were completely lined up using the normal keyboard, with no need to include any symbols that are incompatible with the Unicode standard system. A digitally certified Word document containing the entire text of the Glorious Qur’an was attached according to the Uthmanic Script according to al-Madinah al-Nabawiyyah Musḥaf in terms of the mentioned Narration.

The Developmental Stages of Building the Font:
The Hafs font was built with the Uthmanic Script, through the following work stages:

[1] determining the work team, studying and analyzing the project requirements, bearing in mind the problems and errors discovered in the common Arabic computer fonts, including a number of well-known computer fonts such as the Traditional Arabic font from Microsoft, Lotus font from Linotype, and other popular fonts.

[2] Preparing a time-bound plan for the implementation and review phases, and implementing the amendments and improvements proposed during the examination and audit phases.

[3] Writing the single letters and all other combinations by the calligrapher of al-Madinah Musḥaf, Shaikh ‘Uthmān Ṭaha.

[4] Starting the programming work by specialized programmers, under the supervision and review of the calligrapher of the Qur’an.

[5] Launching first editions and making them available for download from the website that is dedicated to the computer fonts of the King Fahd Glorious Qur’an Printing Complex.

A model sample from the Narration of Warsh ʿan Nāfiʿal-Madanī: